Health Concerns & Conditions

Do you have questions regarding existing health concerns and conditions? Total Wellness of NJ offers a variety of services because we work with such a wide range of patients who have different health needs. Drawing on various modalities, including chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, organic whole-food vitamins and supplements, yoga, and essential oils, Total Wellness of New Jersey works to address your health concerns and empowers you to feel your best.

Health Concerns & Conditions

While many people seek chiropractic as a means to maintain their good health, many others first contact our office because they are seeking relief from one or more health concerns or conditions. Our holistic approach to healthcare can help:

ADHDLow Back Pain
AllergiesNeck Pain
ConstipationSlipped Disc
Ear InfectionsStress

Next Steps

When you’re ready to get your health concerns & conditions addressed, want to set up an appointment, or you simply want to learn more about our holistic approach to healthcare, you can complete our contact form or call us at (973) 663-5633.