Essential Oils

At Total Wellness, we take an integrated approach to your health by looking at all the different aspects of your lifestyle and recommending wellness services that will work best for you. Several years ago, we decided to carry a line of essential oils because we recognize that these products can be a vital means of helping you maintain and improve your health. However, just like vitamins and supplements, essential oils can vary in quality, so it’s critical to choose products that come from a high-quality, trusted source. We work specifically with Young Living Essential Oils because they meet the strict quality-assurance standards we’ve come to expect.

From Seed to Seal — Young Living Essential Oils of the Highest Quality

Young Living Essential Oils follows a five-step Seed-to-Seal process that ensures that the oils you receive are harvested sustainably, distilled carefully, and tested rigorously. Click here to learn more about the Seed-to-Seal process that ensures these oils are of the highest and purest quality.

Essential Oils Promote Wellness

Not only can these essential oils help promote emotional, mental, and physical wellness, but they can also quiet your mind and reinvigorate spirit. They can even help you keep your home clean and fresh!

We carry a variety of oils from Young Living that are perfect for bringing you back into a healthy state of mind. Oils like Joy and Peace & Calming are blended for precisely this purpose. Other oils can help support bodily functions. Many Young Living oils, like Longevity, contain powerful antioxidants that are vital for removing free radicals from your body.

Whatever your needs, we have an essential oil that is perfect for you. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about essential oils and how you can easily incorporate them into your daily life.